Raymond Empowerment Foundation (REF) was licensed in Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization under the Non-Governmental Organisations Registration Statute on 26th July 2005.

Our Philosophy

An empowered mind coupled with quality academic and Vocational skills training fosters transformation in a sustainable way.

Our Vision

A community which is mentally, intellectually, socially and economically empowered to harness opportunities around them for integral development.

Our Mission

To empower people with knowledge, skills, wisdom and resources so that they can live a fulfilled life.


Our Motto

Seek knowledge, wisdom and skill.

Board of Directors

  • Prof. Peter Kasenene
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Rumanyika
  • Mr. Edgar Rubabanza
  • Mr. Charles Kworenga
  • Dr. Paul Mwebembezi
  • Mrs. Vincent Kasenene